Now more than ever, we believe that music and entertainment has a vital role to play in
bringing people together, uniting us all in a global vision of a climate positive future.



There are four pillars to our purpose strategy:


We use creativity to visualise a climate positive future – this is embedded throughout the immersive content and events we produce.


We use our platform and our connections to amplify young creative talent and give a voice to young change makers.


We aspire to leave the locations where we stage our events better off than when we arrived, by building partnerships with local organisations.


As an aspiring B-Corps, we lead through example and use thought leadership to tranform business.


What has the climate crisis got to do with an entertainment company? Right now the greatest threat facing us all - beyond the pandemic (but this is not unconnected) - is the climate and ecological crisis.

Our ambition is to create a  global vision of a climate positive future - that just like great music - transcends our divisions, across nations, cultures and politics.


Climate emergecy, global warming, natural disasters, species extinction… It’s no wonder that visualising a positive and safe future is hard. We’re in the midst of a crisis and we need urgency, but we also need to hear the other side.

Picture a world abundant with nature, with clean air and endless power and energy. We believe this is a story that needs to be told. So that people can choose the future we want.  We use the world’s most creative minds, the power of global talent and the unparalleled emotion of live events to tell that story.


As an aspiring B-Corps, we don’t just look to reduce our footprint like many others - it’s a given that we are working hard and fast to get to a net positive climate position in our operations, with circular economy principles underpinning all production.
We’re building a positive legacy, empowering and amplifying the next generation of change-makers through all our activities and investing in the restoration of nature. Because it’s not enough to just talk about the issues, or stop doing the bad stuff. We need to actively rewild the planet for a positive future.



What does sustainability mean to us?

We aim to be net climate positive by 2025 and operate as net zero

We use science-based targets and have transparent reporting

We promote circular economy principles for the resources we use

We have rigorous due diligence processes and sourcing criteria 

We innovate and promote new sustainable initiatives 

We create investment in local communities and partner cities

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